Del’s Deliveries Online

Del’s Deliveries Online

Del’s Deliveries Online

Del’s Deliveries offers the opportunity for learners to interact with a range of characters and demonstrate their understanding in practical situations. Learners will link various school learned skills and see how they can be used within different jobs.

This will support the learners Careers Education and can be directly linked to the Gatsby Benchmarks, and other career programmes.


Del’s Deliveries have been used by many schools over recent years and are a series of workshops for learners with special needs. We have adapted these as online episodes to enable as many learners and schools as possible to discover the world of Del’s Deliveries. The last year has prevented us from visiting schools in person and so we wanted to find an alternative way of bringing Del’s Deliveries to them.

We have initially produced a pilot episode complete with an accompanying app for tablets. Teacher’s notes with additional activities linked to the episode are also included, for £30.

We are offering this one-time deal because we are hoping that schools who purchase this resource will offer us feedback and share their experiences and thoughts. This will enable us to adapt the content for future episodes. Any school that contributes feedback will be offered a discount on the next episode that is produced.

You will receive:
1. A secure link to download the pilot episode. This introduces the character of Del and his supervisor Sid to the learners in school. They will also get to join in with a range of activities and learn a song. In the pilot episode areas of learning includes shape and colour recognition, memory and problem solving. The episode can be watched multiple times.

2. A link to download an app for Android tablets/smart phones. This features a route planning problem solving game which is demonstrated in the episode.

3. Teacher’s Notes that support the episode and activities featured. There are also instructions for the app and suggestions for other activities that could be developed in class that are linked to the episode.


Del’s Deliveries Video Trailer

What does Del’s Deliveries offer to schools ?

When we are able to visit in person Del’s Deliveries is a series of interactive workshops that uses characters, activities and songs to deliver aspects of the curriculum for learners of all ages who have Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) (click here for more info)

In each workshop, Del delivers parcels to different characters in the community with the learners. Each character they meet has a job which the learners learn about through different activities and songs.
Over the years, these workshops have featured many characters and occupations – our most popular include builder, policeman, musician, farmer and scientist.

For more information, or to purchase the resource pack, please get in touch – either via email or call us: 01458 833693.

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