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Chats with Nana

During the lockdown last summer we had a lovely email from Julia, who told us about her Zoom calls with her Grandchildren. She used the calls to tell them interesting facts and stories about different animals. She really enjoyed these times and thought other children might enjoy her chats too. So she got in contact with us and explained her ideas, and we thought she might be right.

Meet Nana

Chat’s with Nana is a series of short episodes, each talking about a different animal.
Nana is a fictional character, hopefully similar to your own Grandparents, and like most Grandparents, Nana has a wealth of odd facts and snippets of information that she loves to talk about.

Nana’s information comes from a lifetime of experiences and so, like the best stories from our own Grandparents, some of the facts may be old or out of date. We recommend you research with your children the latest information on Nana’s thoughts.

To fully take part in the episodes, it would be useful to have a tape measure and a map of the world available for your child to use.
Click here to download a printable world map.

Chats with Nana is a perfect way to spend a quiet 10 minutes with your children – we hope you enjoy!


If you’ve enjoyed these films, Nana has written a letter to you with ideas for further fun!

A letter from Nana
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