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This series of workshops have been designed for M.L.D./E.B.D. students but has been successfully used in mainstream primary and secondary schools too.
Using film making as a medium the students are encouraged to look at the social aspects of school life, including anti-social behaviour and how to deal with potentially sensitive issues.
The full tour of 5 workshops allows the students to create 3 different films plus one practical workshop on teamwork.


The students discuss behaviour within school that could cause upset to others. This covers bullying, exclusion, isolation, and peer pressure. The students then film examples of this behaviour. The resulting film is put to suitably atmospheric music and finished with subtitles that encourages discussion and debate around the issues raised in the film.


This film is made from a workshop with the students involving the use of masks. Each mask depicts a very simple facial expression. One student is asked to wear a mask while the rest of the group suggest as many words as they can to describe the expression and suggest how the character might be feeling. They also suggest ideas on how the mask wearer should move, and direct the action. The final film is edited and put to music. This is a great way to name and explore different emotions.



To close the tour this final session is a fun, light hearted workshop that challenges the students to improvise a video to a song. Over the years we have covered many classics from “Amarillo” to “School’s Out” with great success. Although light hearted the students still need discipline and teamwork to complete all the filming.

Flying girl with angel wings


Apart from these films the students also participate in a Team Challenge workshop. The students are split into 2 teams. Each team is then challenged to construct a football goal from the materials provided. Once achieved, the teams are asked to think about how they worked together. After this discussion the two teams play a game of Handball using the two goals. This is a great workshop that breaks up the filming routine, but still keeps the theme of teamwork, and behaviour highly relevant.

Once the tour is completed each school receives a DVD with the final edit of all films produced. This DVD provides a useful alternative resource for P.S.H.E. work throughout the school.

All these workshops are available as single sessions, or can be booked as a 5 week tour.

The film 2 and 3 workshops and the Team Challenge session are half day workshops and cost £150 plus transport.

The first film is a whole day workshop and costs £250* plus transport.

If you book all 5 workshops the total cost would be £450* plus transport.

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