International history

International history

Below is short history of how we started working abroad with our sister charity, Children’s World International. In 2017 Children’s World and Children’s World International merged into one charity: Children’s World. Our international aims and objectives remain the same as written below.

Children’s World InternationalChildren’s World International was set up in 1999. Having seen the horrors of the Kosovo war on television and in photographs, we really wanted, once the war was over, to take the performance, fun and participation that Children’s World can offer, to children who had been traumatised.

Children’s World’s geographical remit does not extend to overseas work, so we formed a new sister charity, Children’s World International, that would be able to take Children’s World’s work abroad whenever time and funds permitted, if there was an area where we thought children could benefit from what we had to offer.

CWI is not and never will be a “first response” charity. During the chaos of war, flood or earthquake we would only get in the way of the immediate response aid charities who do such wonderful work. But when the immediate disaster is over, we believe that CWI has a real role to play in bringing smiles back to the faces of the children (and therefore their parents) and giving hope for the future.

As funds allow, we would always be willing to help in any area of the world where NGO’s already working on the ground feel that our work would be of benefit to the children they already work with, if they were able to set up a tour for us. Almost all disasters have an after-effect of lowness of morale and lack of hope for the future where we feel our work could be of value.


CWI has a pool of talented individuals who can provide various performance, games, and creative workshops for children, families and communities. We are willing to work anywhere that may need us. Our previous tours have been used to improve morale in schools and communities that have been subject to conflict trauma or natural disaster.
Performance based activities may seem frivolous but the organisations that have worked with us cannot over emphasise the importance of giving these people a chance for light relief and play during their difficult times. Our presence also reminds these people that their plight is not forgotten.

More recently, we have taken workshops that are more educationally focused to Rwanda which have proved very successful and we are very happy to do more of this.


CWI always works in conjunction with other organisations working in the country affected. This is to ensure our presence is wanted and we visit the most needy schools/communities.
We decide with the organisation the program to bring, and they set up the schedule and logistics of the tour.

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