Northern Ireland 2004

Northern Ireland 2004

Northern Ireland 2004Children’s World International, our Sister-Charity (set up in 1999 when we took performances and workshops to children in Kosovo and Albania) was commissioned again by Contact a Family, Belfast, to undertake further inclusive workshops with children from both Protestant and Catholic schools and special schools in Northern Ireland.

This Tour was a great success and we hope to undertake further similar work in Northern Ireland in the future.

“The children and teachers really appreciated all you did with them, and there is going to be a continuing contact between Sandleford and Milburn schools. From a parent’s point of view, and as part of Contact a Family, I would also like to say that as I watched my own son Peter take part enthusiastically in the Cat and Mouse Game, doing something he would not normally do, I was very touched and pleased, as that was a great step forward in confidence for him.”

Contact a Family, Belfast.


CWI is not and never will be a “first response” charity. During the chaos of war, flood or earthquake we would only get in the way of the immediate response aid charities who do such wonderful work. But when the immediate disaster is over, we believe that CWI has a real role to play in bringing smiles back to the faces of the children (and therefore their parents) and giving hope for the future.

As funds allow, we would always be willing to help in any area of the world where NGO’s already working on the ground feel that our work would be of benefit to the children they already work with, if they were able to set up a tour for us. Almost all disasters have an after-effect of lowness of morale and lack of hope for the future where we feel our work could be of value, and we would also very much like at some stage to work with children in Africa who are suffering from the Aids epidemic.

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